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The First Congregational Church of Seabreeze, the first church on the peninsula of the Halifax Area, was established on September 25, 1904. The building was a New England style white clapboard building at the corner of Peninsula drive and Glenview Avenue. By 1913 attendance had grown to the seating capacity of the little church and worshipers were from all denominations. It was referred to as the "Tourist Church," and in 1928 the name was officially changed.


In 1929, a new sanctuary of old mission style architecture was built at the present site at the corner of Oak Ridge and Wild Olive Ave. The following is a Time Line of events which have occurred until present day:


1929 - George F. Johnson of Endicott-Johnson Shoe Co. donated $20,000 to the building fund and the church was built at the corner of Wild Olive and Oakridge;


1939 - The North Extension and Cloisters were added;


1950 - An Education Building was erected thus forming a central courtyard;


1964 - The "Tourist Church" affiliated with the United Church of Christ and the name was changed to Seabreeze United Church;


1973 - An extension to the sanctuary to the south and an enlargement of the chancel area were completed;


1970's - Stained glass windows were given in memory of ministers to the church during the mid-70's and were prepared by Willett Studio in Philadelphia.


1995 - The historical building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the U.S. Department of Interior;


2006 - Hurricane damage to the roof cost $39,329 to replace tiles imported from Spain and to repair the underlying membrane of the roof;


2009 - An ECHO grant was received to restore and upgrade the stained glass windows. The church received from Volusia County $34,628 and provided match funds of $34,628 for a total of $69,256. Bovard Studio, Inc of Fairfield, Iowa, which specializes in the preservation of stained glass, was the contractor for the ECHO restoration project.


Other Facts:


The Architect, Harry Griffin who was quite famous in Daytona area at the time designed the Seabreeze Old Mission Style building.


Construction Material. The building is constructed of solidified marl rock called "bog rock" mined on a ridge west of Daytona Beach and is no longer available.


The Pipe Organ. The organ is a Visse-Rowland pipe organ. There are only about 20 in the state of Florida.


Seabreeze United Church has a 501(c)3 tax exempt status.



Mission Statement

We are a community oriented, missional Christian church. We have two goals: To love God and to love our neighbor. We practice loving God through worship, prayer, study, and witness. We practice loving our neighbor by working with them in creating programs that positively transform our neighborhood and community. Our church is open, welcoming and affirming. No matter where you are in life's journey you are welcome at Seabreeze United Church. We are proud of our affiliation with the whole United Church of Christ.